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Thanks to more than 150 profile variants and specialised fasteners to suit every need, the MB Building Kit System offers unlimited combination options.

Leakage testing frame

Art. no. EX-01004


Leakage testing frame made from item components – Mitre-Fastening Sets mean that fastenings are possible at angles of between 30° and 90°, and between 60° and 180° when using Mitre-Butt-Fastening Sets. Reinforcing with Profiles 8 R40-45° (also available for 30°, 60° and 90°) help to further stabilise the overhang.

The double swing doors are made from attractive Profiles 8 with closed grooves on the outside. The hinges comprise Hinge Leaf Profile Al light, which result in virtually no door gap. The transparent PET-G panel elements are exceptionally impact proof, easy to process and exhibit better optical characteristics than polycarbonate.

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