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Lean Production

This stable work bench with roller conveyor is the perfect starting point for creating interlinked workstations in a lean production environment.

This FIFO picking trolley acts as an integrated rack for moving goods. The trolley has been designed so that it can be adapted to suit individual work benches.

This picking trolley made from Line D30 Profile Tubes has three levels that offer exceptional adjustability.

This mobile FIFO rack features colour-coded Kanban roller conveyors that indicate how full a shelf is. Thanks to built-in lighting systems, operations will run smoothly even in dark areas of the production hall.

This first-in, first-out (FIFO) rack is ideal for holding heavy material crates.

This material provisioning rack from item comprises three inclined provisioning levels that are loaded according to the FIFO principle.

Lightweight, cylindrical profiles provide a stable, light frame.

For sorting and transporting workpieces and materials

The three loading levels of this lightweight transport trolley from item offer sufficient capacity for workpieces and containers.

This mobile whiteboard made from D30 components is highly manoeuvrable and easy to transport from A to B. The brakes on the castors can be actuated by foot. The frame is height adjustable and can be fitted with accessories such as Light Fittings, container holders and material compartments.