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The item Work Bench System for manual production

Optimum work bench design for manual work benches in industrial and office environments – whatever the task, the work bench system from item has the ideal solution for manual production operations.

The work bench system from item makes all aspects of work bench design simple and intuitive. Five pre-configured work bench variants are available, each of which can be easily adapted to meet your own specific requirements. Uprights and overhangs help to transform these infinitely height-adjustable tables into fully fledged assembly workstations or complete work benches. A wide range of ingenious accessories designed to complement production operations help create ESD-safe assembly line work benches with systems for providing and stowing materials and tools.

Making the workplace more dynamic - the new SystemMobile

The perfect addition to our work bench systems: The new SystemMobiles L, T, U and S



Work bench design with item – the benefits at a glance:

  1. They are infinitely height adjustable and can be adapted to suit the user – a key requirement in ergonomic work bench design.
  2. They are fully compatible with the MB Building Kit System that item has been using for over 30 years to design and build fixtures and fittings. All the work benches can be repeatedly extended, integrated into other solutions and re-used. As an investment, their cost-effectiveness is second to none.
  3. They can also be enhanced with useful accessories for interlinking work benches and material provision. Tools, power points, compressed air and data lines can all be easily incorporated and made readily accessible to users.



The ergonomic work bench system - Comprehensive Catalogue (Vers. 2.2)

Work benches for assembly, maintenance, repair and testing systems. Several basic table variants, a range of working surfaces in various sizes and the right accessories for any application. (43 MB)

Workbench Configurator

Plan your work bench system complete with customised handling area.

Online Product Configurator for work benches

SystemMobil Configurator

NEW: Configure your SystemMobil online.

Video Work Bench System

Work Bench System - Systematic innovation.