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Making the workplace more dynamic. The new SystemMobiles.

The best organisers are extremely flexible. Exactly like the new item SystemMobiles. These new products combine a lightweight solution with exceptional carrying capacity and an optimised chassis. They are the ideal solution for getting materials and workpieces where they are needed fast. The customisable design principles of these transport trolleys mean they can be adapted to all working processes, thereby helping to improve the speed and flexibility of production systems.

Their outstanding versatility and a wide range of frame sizes and heights make SystemMobiles L, T, U and S the perfect partners for all transport tasks. The four design variants have been developed to provide the optimum solution for a range of different applications.

Online Product Configurator for SystemMobiles

Four design variants – one goal: SystemMobiles L, T, U and S from item make your production systems more efficient, more versatile and faster and are available right now via the Online Product Configurator! No matter what the area of application, the item Product Configurator for SystemMobiles will help you find the right solution for the space you have available in just a few clicks. You can also customise your design with suitable handles, ESD protection and appropriate accessories.

Workbench Configurator

Plan your work bench system complete with customised handling area.

Online Product Configurator for work benches

SystemMobil Configurator

NEW: Configure your SystemMobil online.

Video Work Bench System

Work Bench System - Systematic innovation.