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New products 2017/I

New Products 2017/I (Spring)

Systematic innovation – the new item products for Spring 2017.

MB Building Kit System

More control! Forklift Pocket 8 St 240x90x40 ensures that trolleys, large load carriers and frames stay safely mounted on the forks of forklift trucks.

Also new: The strong Profiles 8 light and Jacking Castor D80 with Foot Pedal.

Automation System

More performance! Linear Guide Rail PS 4-20 is a compact solution that is especially easy to install and offers a high load-carrying capacity.Also new: The PROFINET Interface for all item Controllers. 

Lean Production Building Kit System

More responsiveness! Compact Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8 enables Karakuri/low-cost automation applications using light transported goods.

Also new: Torsion-resistant Double Profile Tube D30-60 and Tool Balancers with a synthetic fibre cable.

Work Bench System

More organisation! The additions to the item hook and holder system offer even more efficient ways to organise your tools and equipment.

Also new: item Spotlights 6W LED combine cutting-edge LED technology, maximum safety and bright lighting.